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UV-C disinfection greater than 99.999% effective against Coronavirus Analog.

This Paper by Kurt Bedell, Adam Buchaklian PhD, and Stanley Perlman, MD, PhD at the University of Iowa department of Microbiology shows that the studied "UV-C disinfection system was greater than 99.999% effective against MHV-A59, a mouse analog of MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV in 10 minutes. Applying those same studies to droplets of MERS-CoV resulted in undetectable levels of MERS-CoV virus after only 5 minutes of exposure to the UV-C emitter or a percent reduction of greater than 99.999%."

These tests were conducted from a 4' distance, at closer irradiation distance (like with the AIR Device) exposure times are exponentially reduced and overall more effective.

Download Complete Paper:

Infect Control Hosp Epidomiol UVC
Download PDF • 158KB

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