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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the A.I.R. Solo?

The A.I.R. Solo™ is the world's first Ultraviolet mask that uses specialized LEDs to produce short-wave Ultraviolet light. Designed to be worn under any common face covering, the Solo™ makes UV-C technology wearable and uses a patent-pending system to expose the mask material and air flow to short-wave LED ultraviolet light.

Who makes this product?

A.I.R. was designed and developed in the USA by Oracle Lighting Technologies and has multiple patents-pending in the USA and internationally. These products were developed in-house by our Research & Development team who used computer-aided design in the process for optimized form and function. 

What is the Device made of?

The face piece is made from food-grade silicone, a specialty non-porous material. The straps are made of a 10mm nylon webbing material that is a fabric proven to be more comfortable in testing over restrictive rubber straps found on some respirators.

What is the battery and what is the battery life of the device?

The A.I.R. Solo has a rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and includes a mini USB charging cable that plugs into the battery box for charging. The battery run time is max 3 hours of continuous use. For longer runtime the Solo is compatible with standard USB power banks to extended the run time. 

How do you recommend cleaning the Device?

Because the device is projecting UV-C light forward of the LEDs, only the face piece will need to be cleaned. The face piece is made from food-grade TPE material, and it can be cleaned with mild soap and water as needed.

Will the device fit me?

This will fit most adult faces. We designed the facial contact surface of the A.I.R Device using NIOSH Anthropometric Data and ISO Digital 3D headforms. These modes have ten facial dimensions relevant to respirator fit for defining a principal component analysis model, which divides the user population into five face-size categories. Mean facial dimensions were then computed to target the ideal facial dimensions for each size category. Five scans in each category were chosen and averaged to construct a representative headform for each size category (small, medium, large, long/narrow and short/wide). All dimensions are within 3 mm of the computed means for the sample population in each size category. The facial fitment of the A.I.R Device is based off an average of over 1000 scanned human heads to insure best possible fitment.

Will the device be comfortable?

The surface of the A.I.R. Solo is made from high quality soft silicone material. The material is manufactured with a Shore 30 hardness, this mimics the density of human skin and provides the most comfortable touch and feel. The softness of the silicone is important to prevent irritation from wearing the device for long periods of time. The silicone material is an antimicrobial material that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the device’s surface. To ensure a comfortable fit, Anthropometric Data from ISO Digital 3D headforms was used to insure best fitment across multiple face sizes and shapes.

How heavy is the device?

The A.I.R. Solo was thoughtfully designed using lightweight materials with comfort in mind. The Solo is very light, weighing just 4 oz for easy, everyday use.

Is it easy to breathe while wearing it?

Because of the open-channel airflow design of the Solo, it does not restrict inhaled or exhaled air. The only air restriction is the cloth worn over it. The A.I.R. Solo actually makes breathing through a cloth mask easier because it moves the cloth from over the mouth and nostrils which pushes down on the nose and restricts breathing. The elevation provides a much more comfortable use.

Where can I find customer testimonials?

We welcome the feedback of our customers, and we feature these on our Testimonials page for easy reference. These are comments from real people just like you, and these are verified purchasers. We also have a link on that page to submit feedback of your own.


Is there approval or certification of this product’s effectiveness?

Yes, the A.I.R Solo is 3rd party laboratory tested for efficacy. Effective protection is important, and we understand that new methods need to be proven for your peace-of-mind. In addition to our extensive testing, we are also working to exceed safety benchmarks and demonstrate overall effectiveness. Our Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Facility Registration number is No. 99538.

For a list of certifications and testing results, please visit our Certifications page.

Why is a face covering alone not adequate?

While using cloth masks is always recommended, studies have shown that using the masks for extensive time periods can lead to mask cross-contamination. This contamination can leave any user with the risk of being exposed to live viruses, pathogens, and other bacteria. Because of these risks, washing your mask is recommended by health officials. While this can be helpful, studies have shown that these pathogens can still be spread in the washing cycle and can contaminate other laundry in the process.

Why is this additional protection necessary?

Disposable masks have been the go-to PPE for preventing exposure to airborne pathogens, but even N95 masks only filter 95% of particulate. The patented design of the A.I.R. Solo implements ultraviolet lighting, projection this irradiation on both the inflowing air and the cloth surfaces of the face covering.

Is UV light harmful to the person wearing the mask?

For years, hospitals and labs have used UV light for many different applications. While UV is part of the normal spectrum of sunlight, it can cause sunburn with direct skin exposure. This was taken into account during the A.I.R. development. The LEDs are intentionally directed away from the user, preventing any direct skin exposure. Tests with special sensors confirm that no significant levels of UV-C were received by the user.  

Will the device get hot during use?

We understand that a too-warm device could be uncomfortable to wear so we have been working to be sure we are driving the LEDs at a current which is germicidal-effective but not high enough to create heat. We have conducted several tests in different scenarios and have locked into a drive system that provides the most benefit with the least amount of heat. We also relocated two heat-producing resistors to the battery box and added an IC circuit which pulses the UVA LEDs with a PWM signal so they are only at full brightness for a millisecond. This provides the UVA benefit (as an indicator that the device is on and functioning) while reducing the heat produced and power consumed.

Will the device generate any ozone?

This is a valid concern as ozone gas can irritate the lungs and damage the environment. With traditional UVC vapor lamps, there is ozone produced; however, the UVC LEDs used in the A.I.R. Device do not produce any ozone.


What is the overall lifetime of the LEDs?

The estimated lifetime of the LEDs is rated at 40,000 hours of use. UVC LEDs are much more durable than traditional UC Mercury lamps and feature a much longer life span.

What is the Wavelength of the LEDs used?

The LEDs used in the A.I.R. Solo have a peak wavelength ranging from 270-280 Nanometers.

Why are there 2 different types of LEDs?

UV-C is nearly outside the spectrum of visible light, which means that you can not clearly see it. Because of this, the device also contains UV-A LEDs in addition to the anti-germicidal UV-C LEDs. The UV-A LEDs provide a wider light spectrum and a visible light. The visible UV-A LEDs function as an indicator that the device is on, and the pulsing effect of the LEDs indicates that the device is on and working.


What are the options for wholesale Purchasing and distribution opportunities?

As part of our sales development process, we are currently seeking distributors in the US and abroad. Please complete our Reseller Inquiry form, and a team member will reach out to assist with set-up. Email for any other questions regarding distribution opportunities.

What are the terms and conditions?

Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

How do I get updates about this product?

All future updates will be distributed to our interested email list. Click here to sign up for this.

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