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A.I.R. Device Effectiveness

Updated: Jan 8

Testing results show that the A.I.R. device effective in conjunction with a mask filter when used in heavily contaminated air. For this test a 3M 6001 filter cartridge was exposed to a closed area with visible surface mildew contamination. For control test the cartridge was connected to an Impact Instruments Model 317M vacuum pump to pull a constant draw of air through the filter for 15 minutes. The pre-filter cloth was then removed and swabbed directly to Agar Plate (65.3% Agar, 21.7% Pancreatic Digest of Gelatin (Peptone G), 13% Beef Extract). The new cartridge pre-filter was then replaced with a new unit and the A.I.R. device attached to the filter and same conditions were tested- 15 min vacuum through filter assembly in contaminated space. The pre-filter cloth was then removed and swabbed directly to Agar Plate. After 48 hours results show almost complete neutralization of the contamination on the A.I.R. plate when compared to the control.


The A.I.R. Device prototype system is turned on for specified contact time during which the inoculated microorganism on the filter surface comes in contact with the UV system resulting in reduction and sterilization and sanitizing the fabric filter material. The results of this test can be see in the image below:


  • Equipment Source A.I.R. Device prototype unit

  • Equipment 3M 6001 Filter

  • Date Tested 05.27.20

  • Date Inspected 05.29.20

  • Date Completed 05.29.20


  • Organism: Aspergillus

  • Media: 65.3% Agar, 21.7% Peptone G, 13% Beef Extract

  • Control: Filter run with no A.I.R. Device prototype unit

  • Contact time: 20 Minutes



The overall percentage reduction in this test came to 98% compared to the control. It is important to note that mold has a higher resistance to UVGI irradiation exposure because of the thicker cell wall. The same test with bacteria or virus cells would likely yield higher reduction rates than the ones found in this test.

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