AIR solo

Personal UV mask sanitizer

The A.I.R. Solo is the original A.I.R. Device. A patent-pending personal Antimicrobial Irradiation Respirator, the device is designed to disinfect and sanitize the user's overlaid common face mask. This device is integrated with LEDs which emit ultraviolet (UV) light. The function of the Solo is to aid in sterilization of the cloth filter of the respirator mask. The irradiation of the light utilizes photons to disinfect inhaled air.

UV light damages a pathogen’s DNA or RNA, which prevents it from replicating and infecting the body if inhaled. While the main function of the invention is air sterilization, the secondary function is to sterilize the fabric filter itself. The light is oriented in a way that the filter (cloth face mask, N95, surgical mask, etc.) has a long exposure to the UV light which disinfects and kills biological material trapped in the filter material.

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The A.I.R. Device

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