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UV lighting has been used for years to sterilize hospital rooms, disinfect medical equipment, and is even commonly used to purify water. In fact both masks and UV light have been used for over 100 years but not until now have these technologies been integrated. How does UV light work? The irradiation of the Ultraviolet light utilizes photons to perform these functions. Wavelengths between 200-300 nanometers provide a proven effective germicidal function as demonstrated in independent lab testing.

AIR Final Product.2671.jpg

The UV-C LED emitters in the A.I.R. Solo are integrated into the airflow partition of the device which is designed to maximize exposure of the LEDs. The light is oriented in a way that the filter (cloth face mask, N95, surgical mask, etc.) has a long exposure to the UV light while directing all irradiation away from the user as demonstrated in testing.

The Safety of UV Light near the Face is important, and while UV is part of the normal spectrum of sunlight, it can cause sunburn with direct skin exposure. This was taken into account during the A.I.R. development. The LEDs are intentionally directed away from the user, preventing any direct skin exposure. Simulations with special UV-C sensors confirm that no harmful levels of UV-C were received by the user. 

Product Highlights:
• Multiple World-Wide Patents
• Designed and Engineered in the USA
Rechargeable Design

• New Accessories Available
• Third Party Lab Tested

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