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While using cloth masks have shown to prevent most respiratory diseases, studies have shown that using the masks for extensive time periods can lead to mask contamination. This contamination can leave any user with the risk of exposure to live viruses, pathogens, and other bacteria. Because of these risks, washing your mask is recommended by health officials. While this can be helpful, studies have shown that these pathogens can still be spread in the washing cycle and can contaminate other laundry in the process.

N95 masks have been the go-to PPE for preventing exposure to COVID-19, but these only filter 95% of particulate. Combined with the use of the AIR device, implemented ultraviolet lighting would neutralize the remaining five percent while sanitizing the contaminated mask at the same time. Because of the unique UV irradiation benefits, it is our opinion that the AIR device is the best sanitization scenario for mitigating exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other dangerous pathogens. 

The AIR device is worn under any common face mask and utilizes a patent-pending system to neutralize contaminants trapped in the cloth face mask by means of short-wave ultraviolet light exposure. The ultraviolet light source is produced via UV LEDs, which are integrated into the device. The spectrum of ultraviolet light is separated into various ranges, with shortest-wavelength referred to as UV-C; which is considered “germicidal UV”.

Wavelengths between 200-300 nanometers, such as the LEDs utilized in the AIR device, provide the most effective germicidal function. This is because the wavelength of UV-C irradiation utilizes photons to inactivate the virus which prevents the cell from replicating and infecting the body if inhaled. The AIR’s UV-C LED emitters are integrated into the airflow partition of the device which is designed to scrub the air and sterilize the cloth mask simultaneously.


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