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Thank you for your interest! We'll be in touch soon.

AIR Reseller Information:

We are currently seeking resellers for the A.I.R. Solo UV respirator device. Please fill out the form above to begin the process. A representative will reply with more information. Please read below for additional information on our reseller program and frequently asked wholesale questions. 

Intellectual Property (IP) Enforcement:

A.I.R. has 3 significant patents filed globally for this UVGI technology with extensive claims to prevent competitive products which resemble our product or which performs a similar function to our products. We have made significant investments into IP because we understand that unfair competition from overseas sellers hurts our resellers and dilutes the value of the product. Our team has a history of successful IP rights enforcement in the US and overseas. Active IP enforcement is a part of our commitment to our resellers 


Pricing Policy Enforcement:

Our mission is to protect our resellers' profit by ensuring that competition is fair. Resellers suffer when they need to price-match discounted online drop-shippers. In order to protect the investment of our high-quality vendors and our brand reputation, we have adopted a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. Dealers must not advertise pricing set lower than the MAP listed. We have contracted with Brand Protection Agency (BPA) to enforce online MAP violations for this product which protects our valued resellers.


Pricing Policy Details: 

  • AIR Solo™ MSRP: $119.95

  • AIR Solo™ MAP: $99.95

  • AIR Solo™ wholesale pricing will depend on the quantity of cases purchased. Please complete the above form.


Packaging Information: 

Case Quantity is 40 pcs/ Case. Wholesale orders must be submitted in multiples of 40.


Package Dimensions:

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