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My Breath feels freer...

"I was worried that wearing it under a mask might make my breath feel more smothered than a plain cloth mask, but I’ve found that my breath feels freer. I think it’s because the A.I.R. creates a small pocket of air inside itself that allows for the shift in pressure when I inhale and exhale to be 'buffered' a bit, and inhalation doesn’t result in sucking the surface of the cloth mask inward." - John M.

i feel more protected...

"I purchased A.I.R. Solo because I am in the high-risk group as a senior citizen. Many people do not wear their masks or wear them incorrectly, and I run into people who choose not to wear a mask for whatever reason. I don’t like being upset when I see someone without a mask. Now, I don’t feel that I will worry so much about it since this mask reduces my anxiety about that. I can be nice to everyone again even if they chose not to wear a mask because I feel more protected. I will still practice proper social distancing, washing hands, and will continue to wear my outer mask along with my A.I.R.


I also purchased this mask because although there are certain vaccines now, there are new viruses and super-bacterium quickly popping up. Although I will continue to practice CDC recommendations, I believe that this gives me an extra layer of protection. I loved reading their certifications and lab results. So happy this company created this! It’s a serious product that literally kills the mircroorganisms' ability to replicate." - Denise C.

no problem to achieve a comfortable fit...

"I am happy with the functionality. It’s easy to turn on and off. I have a large head and adjusting the straps was no problem to achieve a comfortable fit. The silicone around the A.I.R. conforms snugly to my face for a tight seal without applying so much pressure that I am left with an indentation after taking it off. If I wear it for over 30 minutes, there is a little bit of compression in my skin, but it fades quickly. I’ve had to recharge it once. I think I might have turned it on accidentally." - Bruce T.

much easier to breathe...

"Great job on the design and packaging. I'm wearing it on an airplane now. It's much easier to breathe in than an N95 mask- it's instantly noticeable how the air flows freely instead of being restricted in an N95. That's why I wore an N95 respirator mask, but they are banning those now. Anyway, great job. I'd love some business cards for The A.I.R. Device to hand out as everyone asks about it." -Kevin E.

No fogging of glasses...

"I have to say, I love this mask. The UV light cleaning ability is great, but for someone who wears glasses this device has no fogging. I have spent more than $100 on other face masks to find one that works well, this one will end my search." -Jimmy W.

Smaller and Lightweight...

"I got mine, and it's actually much better than the pictures and videos. It looks it could be heavy and bulky, but it's actually smaller and lightweight. I wish I didn't cancel the others on my order; I'll be placing another order. I would recommend picking some up." - Elvis F.

Using it daily...

"A good design with soft rubber that fits against the face and head straps that fit comfortably. Using this item in conjunction with an N95 mask should afford much better protection. I am looking forward to using it daily." - Russ R.


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