The A.I.R. Solo is worn under any common face mask and uses a patent-pending system to neutralizes harmful contaminants trapped in the user's cloth face mask (such as live viruses, pathogens, bacteria, and other biomatter) with short-wave ultraviolet (UVC) LED light exposure.

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Why Masks Alone are inadequate

While cloth masks have been shown to prevent most respiratory diseases, wearing a mask can lead to mask contamination. According to the CDC and the WHO, a used mask not handled as directed can lead to virus transfer. Because of this, washing your mask is recommended by health officials. While this can be helpful, studies have shown that these pathogens can still be spread in the washing cycle. The A.I.R. Device actively sanitizes your mask in real time while you wear it which reduces the risk of cross contamination.

Breathe With Confidence

N95 masks have been the go-to PPE for preventing exposure to COVID-19, but these only filter 95% of particulate. Combined with the use of the A.I.R. Device, implemented UV light neutralizes the trapped contaminants by irradiating these particles attached to the mask surface. Because of the unique UV sanitizing benefits, the A.I.R. Device is an excellent solution for mitigating exposure to COVID and other  pathogens

by giving an extra layer of virus defense.

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The Sanitary Solution

UV-C affects a pathogen’s DNA, which prevents it from replicating and infecting the body. The function of the A.I.R. Device is to sterilize the fabric mask worn over the device using this UV technology. The UV light that is integrated into the A.I.R. Device is oriented in a way that the filtering mask surface has a long exposure to the light which kills biological material trapped in the material.

The A.I.R. Solo is worn under any common face mask and utilizes a patent-pending system to neutralize contaminants trapped in the cloth face mask by means of short-wave ultraviolet light exposure. The ultraviolet light source is produced via UV LEDs, which are integrated into the device. The spectrum of ultraviolet light is separated into various ranges with shortest-wavelength referred to as UV-C which is considered “germicidal UV."

UVGI Technology

The A.I.R. Solo uses integrated UVGI technology that offers extra protection when paired with a mask. The user wears a face mask (cloth mask, surgical mask, N95, etc.), over the device. A small, rechargeable battery powers the device's disinfecting UV-C LEDs. The LEDs give off UV light exposure which inactivates viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. This design provides protection for both the user and others by providing this UV benefit to both the inhaled and exhaled air. 

how it works

The facial fitment of the A.I.R Solo is based off an average of over 1000 scanned faces and heads to insure best possible fitment. We designed the facial contact surface of the A.I.R Device using NIOSH Anthropometric Data and ISO Digital 3D headforms to insure the most universal fitment from a single mask design. 

Extensive material testing shows no trace amounts of any toxic materials and the device is safe for direct skin contact. In addition to our third-party independent verification and testing, the A.I.R. Solo is FDA registered and is manufactured in a FDA registered facility. For more information, visit our Certifications section. 

One Size Fits All

FDA registered

For years, hospitals and labs have used UV light for disinfection and medical sanitation against viruses. While UV is part of the normal spectrum of sunlight, it can cause sunburn with long exposure. This was taken into account during the A.I.R. development. The device's UV is directed

away from the user, preventing any exposure. 

A.I.R. was designed and developed in the USA, and the design has multiple worldwide patents pending. Development of the product was guided by scientific research and proven examples of germicidal irradiation. The manufacturing of the product takes place in a FDA Registered production facility with strict quality control guidelines in a sanitary and controlled process.

Is It Safe?

Developed In The USA


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